Sunday, March 29, 2009

First collection


I'll try to keep it short, so in few words I'll describe my idea of the collection and some of the steps I took to make it . It all started from an interesting idea that my teacher gave me : to be the stylist of a public figure . So I said why not? because I wanted to try something new . I got to work with Ella through a friend and she , I have to mention , was a great person and a very patient one . So after I made a draft plan , I asked her if she would approve it and if the style I wanted for her is ok . The theme of the collection was BRIT ROCK, because first, I love brit clothes and music before all , and second, because I thought that MTV was initially a brit tv station and I wanted to bring that idea to life . So that's why I first started with a shooting where Ella wore clothes that weren't mine, in order to see in which ones she feels better , which colour suits her and also to see if this style goes for her . Well, not all clothes were suitable, but it was good to see that she was not into skirts :P So I cut the ones that were bad and went back to drawing sketches . Then, the second shooting came to life in the idea of taking some photos in a vintage atmosphere ( all of them were shot in an old house - as you'll see tomorrow ) in 2 hours time . No make-up , no special settings . Then I played with the images in order to give them a retro mood with a bit of rock and graphic look . Personally I like how Ella looks in these pictures. She's like a retro diva, and above all she knows how to pose . Afterwards I wanted to shoot the clothes in a professional studio with proper lights and also to include more rock elements . It was all in a big hurry but I like what came out . I was lucky to find the right persons to work with . At the fashion show I had Jet playing "Are you gonna be my girl" . Everything was very fast paced: the music , the girls ( the models ) . They were great , looking like a rock chick band ( also images with them tomorrow ). Thanks again for accepting to work with me . So here is the story in images ...

Final shooting .

These were the final pictures included in my diploma project . I'll post the second shooting with VJ Ella tomorrow. The clothes presented are the same ones from this photoshooting, but in a different location , more vintage like . For this shooting I used a studio and the "models" were friends of mine . The photographer was also a friend and a very talented boy ( check his pics here at ) . In this case I did the make-up . I hope you'll like it :P . I also hope you will enjoy the concept and the scenario of the shooting . It was team work and I want to say thanks again to everyone who helped me and supported me throughout this project . I hope I didn't forget anyone .

First shooting with Ella .

This was the first step in my diploma project : I dressed VJ Ella for a photoshooting with clothes I chose from different stores for the theme I had to do ( the clothes were from Ha Ha Shop and Dada - thank you very much for your cooperation ) . I analyzed what clothes were suitable for her and also what shapes , colours and volumes advantaged her body and personality . The photos were taken in Bucharest , in the "Expirat" Club ( thank you for your support Ionut :) ) , make-up was done by a friend of mine Ramona ( thank you and good luck with your job ) and photos were taken by Octavian ( you know this could have been better don't you ? :P - thanks anyway for your support :) ) . And of course most of all thank you Ella for you patience and understanding of all our ideas . So, the first shooting with my " model " .

Second shooting with Ella .

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