Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lachatterie and friends ... Teen Media

These are the two Lachatterie dresses that featured in the last night theatre play for this show . They can be both bought . For details email me .


  1. I felt great in my Lachatterie dress that evening! I had been very nervous during the play, but I knew that, no matter what, my wonderful dress would save the situation! Comments like: "Ok, but she looks great in that dress!":))
    Can sound funny how important is a dress for a woman, but it's very true!
    My dress gave my a lot of self-confidence that evening, the show went very well and I want to thank Lachatterie for this! I don't know what the next show will be, but I know what dress I'm going to wear - a Lachatterie one! :)

    Anisa Lupu

  2. Merci pentru cuvintele frumoase :) You we were both great on stage and beautiful in that dress :)