Thursday, May 19, 2011

Preview for some new clothes ...

Lachatterie & Andreea Verde - interviu Fata de la Radio

Press may 2011

BeauMonde may 2011 - Sheer beige dress and chiffon with ecoleather necklace 

Special thanks to Ana .

Girls wearing Lachatterie

                               Gabi wearing a long sheer beige dress .

                 Alma wearing a Lachatterie SS colorful degrade long skirt .

                            Me in a self made long green/fucsia skirt .

               Mina  wearing a 60's collection blazer in a very chic way .

               Teodora  wearing a SS colorful skirt for a shooting .

              My darling  Ralu wearing a Lachatterie long skirt and top .

 Sweet Ioana from  fashezine wearing a Lachatterie printed dress for a shooting .