Monday, July 16, 2012

Soirees de la Mode XII – Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Perfect Balance collection by LaChatterie

My first catwalk collection ! And I had the opportunity to show it at this beautiful event last week at  Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel.From the two themes I've chosen minimalism and created these three outfits inspired by the yin/yang  complementary opposing elements of the universe in the chinese philosophy.Yin the dark,intimate,austere,feminine element associated with nighttime and yang the bright, full of vitality, shining, male element associated with daytime.

Flowing,feminine lines are filled with delicate drapery,volumes and masculine accents.
The silk puts in spotlight the silhouette with the help of transparent veil and the clean cuts.Perfect balance between shape,color and lines.

Accessories Iuliana Asoltanei (necklaces)
                   Il Passo ( shoes)

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